With the increasing availability of online seed banks and dense guides on growing marijuana indoors, it can be easy to forget the effort and beauty that goes into running an organic marijuana farm. Even if you want to start growing at home, getting to know the farmers who dedicated their careers to cultivating picture-perfect marijuana plants can help you build an appreciation for the plant and the beauty of nature.
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Cannabis tourism is becoming a massive industry with everything from marijuana food tours, dispensary tours, and now cannabis farm tours, taking the tourism world by storm.
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Here are four cannabis farms in the United States that you can tour as part of your next vacation. 

Humboldt Farm Tours

Humboldt County is often referred to as the heart of the cannabis country. The farmers of Humboldt Farms graciously host full-day and half-day tours throughout most of the year. The tour includes a Q&A session with the farmers and a visit to their offices in Old Town Eureka, California. Next, you get steroid methandienone to explore the farms themselves and get your hands dirty in the actual soil they use to cultivate their cannabis plants. You’ll also visit their high-tech greenhouse to see how to use a mixture of indoor and outdoor growing to produce the highest quality plants possible. Each tour ends with lunch and a trip to their on-site dispensary, where all tour attendees get a 10% discount on products sold in their shop.

PotZero Outdoor Sustainable Cannabis Farm Tour

PotZero is known for its commitment to sustainability when it comes to growing cannabis. You can tour their sustainable outdoor farms in Colorado to learn, touch, feel, and smoke, all while surrounded by beautiful nature. They use a bio-dynamic growing process and will have the opportunity to ask the farms questions about farming practices and learn about their state of the art sustainable farms.

The tour begins at their Cannabis Creative space in Denver, Colorado. From there, you’ll travel through the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by endless mountain ranges. Then, you’ll arrive at Silverthorne at PotZero’s Altitude Wellness Center where can shop for organic flowers and other cannabis products. The tour also includes a scenic bus ride around Lake Dillon, where you’ll have a chance to explore the area and grab lunch. After lunch, you’ll visit the official Pot Zero farms, where you’ll have a guided your through the entire farming process and see cannabis plants in each growth phase.

Mendocino Coast Premium Cannabis Tours

The Mendocino Coast, also known as the Emerald Triangle, is known for producing high-quality cannabis that’s found in dispensaries all over the country. Mendocino Canna Tours wants to give you an exclusive look at how these world-class dispensaries craft their quality product. On every tour, you’ll be able to meet the farmers in charge of innovation and quality control. Once inside, you’ll get to explore their onside dispensary, learn about their sustainability practices, and find out how they create all of their top-shelf products. The mission of Mendocino Canna Tours’ is to create an educational and social experience that leaves visitors excited about learning more about cannabis and organic farming. You’ll have a knowledgeable tour guide to answer all of your questions. This tour is great for groups and will help you plan tours for special events such as birthdays, work retreats, weddings, and more.

Emerald Farms Seed-to-Sale Tour

Emerald Farms Seed-to-Sale Tour lives up to its name. Each tour takes you on a journey from seed to plant, and beyond. You’ll start the tour by learning about the specific seeds Emerald farms use, how they tend to the plant during each grow phase, and how they turn their mature plant, into a final product ready for sale. This tour is unique because it is an indoor farm that utilizes indoor farming practices on a very large scale. Attendees will learn the different life cycles of the plant, from clones and seedlings to fully ripe, flowering buds on mature plants.

You will also get a tour of their manufacturing facility that turns the plants into concentrates, extracts, and more of your favorite THC products.

If you’re planning your next trip and are interested in the cannabis growing industry, you can’t go wrong with a cannabis farm tour. Not only will you learn valuable information about the nest growing practices in the world, but you might also even get to sample a product or two.


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