Marijuana Means Money

Get onboard the fastest-growing industry in history

The two most exciting industries in the US (and much of the world) right now are the sharing economy and cannabis. The cannabis hospitality boom sits right at the intersection of these two industries: with many mainstream hotel chains still behind the times when it comes to weed-friendly accommodation, sharing-based room rentals are at the forefront of this travel revolution.

And a revolution it is. No longer do North American tourists have to venture to Amsterdam for a legal high: with nine US states plus Washington DC allowing recreational marijuana, and Canada following suit, thousands of leaf lovers are looking closer to home for their next cannavacation. Colorado legalized cannabis in 2014 and the state’s tourism industry has broken records every single year since then. Denver alone attracted over 30 million visitors in 2016, and last year Aspen became the first city in recorded history to make more revenue from marijuana sales than from alcohol.

Now all eyes are on California. Recreational marijuana use became legal there at the beginning of this year – and unlike most pot-friendly states, California has made provision for the regulation of ‘cannabis lounges’ for onsite consumption. In March, analysts estimated that recreational marijuana spending in the Golden State will exceed $5 billion in 2019.

This is big. And we want to help you be part of it.

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