Jane is a middle-aged American woman who’s been struggling with depression and anxiety her whole life. She grew up listening to the horrors of marijuana addiction. Now, as the media opens up to tell success stories of cannabis as an alternative treatment for myriad medical conditions, Jane feels the interest sparking within her.

Upon planning her vacation this year, Jane decides to go to California and find a marijuana experience worth spending a couple of hundred dollars. Jane is not the only one that’s going to be spending her vacation budget on cannabis tourism this year.

And it’s no wonder. Cannabis tourism is now a 17 billion industry, according to Forbes. Also, a Gallup poll revealed by late 2021 that 68% of American adults support legalizing marijuana.

As the states pass laws toward the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana, diverse licensed shops and dispensaries repurpose their business to offer cannabis experiences to regular and first-time marijuana users.

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Top 5 Cannabis Tourism Experiences

Business owners and entrepreneurs have found a pulsing stream of opportunities in marijuana legalizing. That’s how many states have been populated with cannabis farm tours, “bud” and breakfasts, stonning hotels, and other attractions for tourists looking for marijuana experiences.

Today, let’s take a look at the top 5 cannabis tourism experiences you can enjoy in 2022.

Cannabition Museum

cannabis tourism
Image source: Tripadvisor

Cannabition is a new interactive museum located in downtown Las Vegas. The entrepreneur behind this immersive idea is J.J. Walker, former owner of the Health Center, one of the first dispensaries in Denver back in 2008.

The Cannabition museum aims to serve as a fun and educational experience on the cannabis culture. Visitors can enjoy a 40-minute tour that takes them through psychedelic art installations, a terpene smell station, a giant bed of seeds where they can dive in, and the exhibit of the world’s largest bong, among other attractions.

“Imagine if there were just liquor stores but no place to drink it! I think cannabis needs these types of fun, hip, immersive, Instagrammable attractions that give consumers an engaging experience and also help normalize it”, says Walker.

Emerald Farm Tours

cannabis tourism
Image source: Emerald Farm Tours Website

With Emerald Farms, visitors can take a closer look at California’s most prestigious cannabis farm, manufacturing facilities, dispensaries, and consumption lounges.

The San Francisco Wine & Weed Tasting Tour is one of their most praised experiences. After booking their spot, visitors will enjoy some of California’s finest marijuana flowers or edibles. Then they’ll indulge themselves in the most exquisite and savor wines with light munchies. All this while taking the splendid city views from one of San Francisco’s hottest consumption lounges.

Emerald Farm offers a full spectrum of 420-tours, from private experiences and all-inclusive weekend getaways, all led by industry veterans to infuse tourists with a deeper understanding of the cannabis culture.

Puff, Pass and Paint Classes

For those with an artistic side, these art classes combined with smoking, edibles, or other cannabis intakes might be the perfect experience.

cannabis tourism
Image source: Puff, Pass and Paint Website

A lot has been said about marijuana unleashing and enhancing the creative side of people. Heidi Keyes, President and Founder of these classes, took this statement very seriously when she decided to kickstart this idea in a Facebook post.

Puff, Pass and Paint offer sessions with all the art supplies included in the cost of the class. Not only is it allowed to smoke, vape, or consume cannabis edibles, but it’s also encouraged. Puff, Pass and Paint is all about being part of a relaxed, open-minded, and creative setting where participants can get inspiration and bond with the community while creating their own artwork.

When interviewed by The Culture Trip, Keyes expressed her amazement and satisfaction.

We get students, bachelor and bachelorette parties, couples, singles, families (as long as everyone is over 21!) … People surprise you. We see older women in their 70s, people in their 20s bringing their grandparents, and people coming alone to make friends in class.

Twisted Sister Yoga

cannabis tourism
Image source: Twisted Sister Yoga Website

Twisted Sister Yoga constitutes a sisterhood to explore the benefits of hatha yoga and cannabis while engaging in a relaxed and community environment. The teachers offer Ganja Yoga Classes and Women’s Ganja Yoga Retreats within the frame of legality.

Their classes and retreats are private and don’t allow “walk-ins” for the sake of the experience. In order to participate, you must subscribe to their newsletter to receive invitations and book your spot. It’s a BYOMJ activity.

The Ganja Yoga Classes are held in a delightful community space in Denver, while the Ganja Yoga Retreats can take place in different locations. From guided meditations, manifesting workshops, and cannabis-infused and gourmet cuisine, the Twisted Sisters offer a perfect space to empower women and deepen their appreciation of cannabis.

Bud and Breakfast

Bud and Breakfast is the 420-friendly version of the traditional BnBs. This brand was established in 2014 to connect hosts and travelers based on allowing the use and using marijuana.

As the cannabis tourism industry is exploding, more people every day want to find nice accommodation and still be able to use their medical or recreational marijuana. For all of them, Bud and Breakfast’s founders allow them instant access to safe and legal 420-friendly lodging.

Bud and Breakfast have hosts across the globe. From Greece to Uruguay, Hawaii, and many US legal states. Many of them will offer additional activities like guided tours to dispensaries, welcome gifts, advice as to where to purchase top strains, or cooking lessons to learn how to prepare your edibles.

The Future of Cannabis Tourism

Even if some states and countries resist the change and have a hesitant approach to marijuana legalization, we could certainly agree that cannabis tourism has a bright future brimming with opportunities.

Like wine and beer distilleries, cannabis dispensaries will stress education and wellness. Soon, dispensaries will evolve to include social spaces for marijuana consumption and other activities. Spas and resorts will also take on the endless possibilities to combine their services with assorted cannabis products such as cocktails and gourmet cuisine.

Fast forward a decade or so, and cannabis consumption will not only stop being frowned upon, but it will become a substantial and exotic part of many touristic destinations.


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