It’s 2019. Cannabis is legal, at the very least medical cannabis, in 29 US states. Cannabis was nationally legalized in Canada in 2018 and is legal in a couple other countries as well. Still, flying with cannabis products across state borders within the US as well as internationally is not generally legal. Even with products like CBD, which have no psychoactive effects and which are largely used to treat health conditions like epilepsy, pain, and anxiety, the rules for carrying it on an airplane are as strict as can be. Therefore, it is advised to use caution when bringing CBD products on a plane due to regulations, and to leave THC products at home entirely, even if it’s legal both where you’re coming from and where you’re going. 

Can I Bring CBD on a Plane?

In countries where hemp is legal (the US is one of them as of the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill), carrying hemp-derived CBD on airplanes is legal as well, as long as its THC content is .3 percent or less. The 2018 Farm Bill was just passed in late December 2018, so up until this point, all CBD products on airplanes were not legally permitted. In fact, the TSA website specifically states that “Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is illegal under federal law.” However, it has not yet been updated to reflect the passing of this bill. 

Keep in mind that it is still illegal to carry CBD oil and products that are derived from marijuana rather than hemp on an airplane. Because of this, it is advised to make sure your CBD products have documentation on them that say they are derived from hemp if you are going to be flying with them. Another important point is that this applies only to countries where hemp or cannabis at large is legal. If you are flying to or even connecting through a place where hemp is not legal, it is also not legal to carry any CBD product, hemp-derived or otherwise. 

TSA is not Looking for Drugs

The primary job of TSA in the US is to keep airports and airplanes safe. They are checking mainly for weapons and explosives. They’re also looking out for drug traffickers, though this generally does not include CBD oil and products. Chances are, any type of CBD you bring on a plane will go undetected, but legally speaking, if you are caught with CBD that is not hemp-derived, there may be consequences. If you can prove your CBD is hemp-derived with printed documentation, the TSA will not detain you. They may or may not initially question you for having a suspicious-looking liquid though. It also may be helpful to bring along any prescription documentation from a doctor if you have it. While in the future, most of this will no longer be necessary, because it is such a new law, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In addition, keep in mind that the same airport rules that apply to any liquid also apply to CBD oil. If the CBD oil is in your carry-on, it cannot be in a container of more than 3.4 ounces. 

Bring Your CBD in Your Carry-On 

Once you find the best CBD products, it is advised to bring your CBD in your carry-on as opposed to your checked bag, because you run a higher risk of it being confiscated if it is in your checked bag. Why? Checked baggage is also heavily scrutinized by TSA. If they think you’re traveling with an illegal substance, they will take it, and you won’t be there to stop them. With your CBD in your carry-on, you’re there to present the documentation for and answer questions about your hemp-derived CBD, so that you can rest assured it won’t be confiscated. 

A Final Word On Flying with CBD

Hopefully, as cannabis laws become more lenient in the US and globally, these rules won’t apply for too much longer. However, when flying, it’s best to stay within the law, and the current laws only allow for hemp-derived CBD to be carried on airplanes in the US. 

An alternative to flying with CBD, if you’re staying in the US and are intent on having it on your travels, is shipping your CBD. Some of the best CBD products out there offer safe, fast, and even sometimes free shipping, so you can avoid the stress or potential trouble of flying with CBD altogether.

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