Cannabis is now legal for adult recreational use in 11 states plus Washington D.C. For anyone not living in one of those lucky states, if you’re 21 or older, it might be time to plan a little trip and indulge in some cannabis tourism. Among the 11 states where you can consume marijuana without the worry of legal repercussions, some have more vibrant 420 scenes than others. Here are four of the best marijuana-friendly U.S. cities that take cannabis culture to another level.

Las Vegas, Nevada

People have been coming to Las Vegas for fun, relaxation, and entertainment long before weed was legalized in the state. Now that marijuana is fair game, it makes for an even better trip to Sin City. While it is not legal to consume cannabis in public spaces or smoke in casinos and most hotel rooms, there are plenty of other ways to consume marijuana in Vegas. If you prefer, rent a private residence on Bud and Breakfast or a 420-friendly Airbnb, of which there are plenty near the strip.

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Las Vegas’ first smoke lounge opened in October 2019 called NuWu, and both local and tourist cannabis users are loving it. In no time, there will be lots of smoking lounges to choose from. Aside from that, Vegas offers lots of fun activities to do afterward. Sitting by a luxurious pool and people watching, satisfying your munchies at one of the many spectacular buffets, or getting some extra-sensory stimulation at the Neon Museum and Boneyard.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is known for it’s vibrant culture, so when cannabis was finally legalized, it didn’t take the city long to “adapt.” There are virtually limitless options for where to stay (like the Doctor’s House) and enjoy cannabis in the privacy of your accommodations, despite hotels not being an option, plus lots of places to enjoy CBD-infused beverages around town. Dispensaries are also everywhere, so no matter where you stay, there’s bound to be one nearby.

The foodie scene in Portland is another thing that makes it an ideal canna-tourist location, as there is no shortage of places to quench your munchies. Cannabis tours are a popular activity, some of them taking you not only to local dispensaries and cannabis hot spots but behind the scenes to cannabis farms as well. Not to mention, bus and limo cannabis tours generally allow cannabis consumption on board and may even provide all the goodies you’re looking for.

Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful place, and legalized cannabis somehow makes it that much more so. Just like in all other legalized states, smoking in public spaces and hotel rooms is technically forbidden. Luckily, Airbnb’s are aplenty in Anchorage, and lots of them have phenomenal views of the surrounding landscape.

It’s not hard to find great dispensaries in Anchorage, either. Once you’ve indulged, the seafood in Anchorage is to die for. Plus, Alaska recently legalized cannabis consumption cafes. Though none have opened yet, they are slated to open soon, putting Anchorage ahead of most states in terms of cannabis social culture. Carrying up to an ounce of pot in the car is legal in Alaska, so if you want to use Anchorage as a jumping-off point to hike the fabulous parks the state has to offer, you can. Just remember that National Parks are under federal regulation, so bringing in cannabis is a no-go. That doesn’t have to stop you from popping an edible before you head in, though.

Denver, Colorado

Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana recreationally, and Denver’s cannabis scene reflects its O.G. status. There are too many cannabis tours to count at this point, most allowing consumption on board. Private cannabis clubs, which you can join for usually a small fee, will enable you to consume cannabis freely as you choose. You can also book a Cannabis Experience, including courses gourmet meals paired with different marijuana strains, get a massage using cannabis-infused products, combine yoga and cannabis, painting and cannabis, or anything and cannabis in one of the many classes available, or even take a cannabis cooking class.

As you might imagine, while public weed consumption is not allowed, Denver is packed with 420-friendly options for your stay, including many hotels designed explicitly for cannabis users.


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