Recreational cannabis use isn’t often associated in the public mind with a healthy lifestyle: the image of the couch-bound pothead remains prevalent. But more and more athletes are beginning to realize the benefits cannabis products can bring to their workouts. A little CBD-infused vape to help them focus and relax; a mid-race edible gummy; a topical cannabinoid for pain relief: among many communities of runners, bikers and gym bunnies, moderate marijuana is as much a part of their fitness lifestyle as ibuprofen, coffee and protein shakes.

If you love working out as much as you love weed, it makes sense that you’d want to incorporate some physical challenge into your visit to a 420-friendly state. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

The 420 Games

Created to raise awareness of the role of cannabis in a healthy and active lifestyle, the main event of the 420 Games is a 4.2 mile race. Although many participants enjoy a little moderate consumption before, during and after the run, it’s not mandatory: the aim is to simply to defy the stereotype of the lazy stoner. The Games take place in a number of different cities: this year you can take part in LA, Denver, San Francisco or Pittsburgh. If you’re planning a trip to one of these 420-friendly cities, this could be a great way to work off some of those pot brownies.

Power Plant Fitness

Another initiative from 420 Games founder Jim McAlpine, Power Plant Fitness is being touted as the world’s first cannabis-friendly gym, located in – where else? – California. Bring your own stash or order edibles on the premises to enhance your workout with the power of the plant. Although there was a ton of press around this project in 2016 and 2017 it’s not clear whether Power Plant Fitness is open to the public yet, but they do hold 420-friendly bootcamp events – look them up when you visit the Bay Area.

A Yoganja class

Unlike running and pumping iron, yoga and marijuana are more traditionally associated. But you don’t need to be a hippy to get the benefits of a yoga class – increased flexibility, strength, muscle tone, overall health and relaxation – and nor do you have to be a 60s throwback to enjoy a joint before your yoga class. Practitioners believe that marijuana’s pain-relieving properties allow for a wider range of movement during a yoga session, as well as quieting the noise in your head. Look for a class when you visit Portland.

Mile High Massage

Feeling sore after all that hard work? Then why not relax your body, mind and soul with a cannabis-infused massage? Denver’s LoDo massage studio offers a therapeutic rubdown featuring a specially formulated ‘pain créme’ which contains both CBD and arnica to ease your aching muscles. If you’re visiting Denver to participate in the 420 Games or simply take in a cannabis tour, why not pay them a visit? Or if you’d prefer to experience a massage in the comfort and convenience of your hotel room, you could call Primal Therapeutics, who offer a similar range of services but will send their therapists out to you.

Recreational cannabis doesn’t have to be unhealthy – and neither does cannabis tourism. Work up a sweat while you experience all that 420-friendly cities have to offer for a balanced and guilt-free vacation or weekend break.

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