If you’ve ever wished for an AirBnB type option for cannabis-friendly accommodations, head north. To Canada, specifically, where HiBnb directs cannabis lovers to accommodations, activities, and excursions that are all pot-friendly.

Through HiBnb, an online booking marketplace, guests who are old enough to consume cannabis can book various weed-friendly vacations, accommodations, events, excursions, adventures, activities, and experiences.

Cannabis fans around the world know all too well that enjoying a little flower on vacation can be a challenge. HiBnb hopes to change that dynamic, at least in Canada, by connecting cannabis users with activities, places, and hosts. The end result lets everyone trash the stigma and do business.

HiBnb founder Elizabeth Becker explained in a statement from the company how she and her team hope to change the dynamic around cannabis in Canada:

“Cannabis became legal in Canada and aside from purchasing at a legal store, nothing else really changed, there wasn’t any solutions for Canadians looking to enjoy these newly legal products & integrate them in their social and travels plans in the same way they can with alcoholic beverages. HiBnb was created for the people who want to enjoy in social settings, when they are travelling, and doing things they love, all while feeling comfortable and leaving the stigma behind.”

HiBnb (which is not affiliated with Airbnb) was founded to meet that need.

Currently HiBnb is growing in Canada, moving into recreational states in the US, and planning to take on the EU. So look for them in your state soon!

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